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February Meeting

posted Feb 18, 2012, 11:52 PM by Victory Cherokee Organization
This month's meeting we discussed what our origination would like to see presented to the Cherokee Tribal Counsel as "Election Law Reform".  I think everyone agreed that we would prefer not to go through another election year like the last one.  The election just didn't seem to end, with the Cherokee People casting their first votes for chief in June and not completing the process due to recounts and the Cherokee Supreme Court invalidating the first election, it finally ended in Oct.  There is obviously things need to be changed in order to prepare for our next election.

We discussed several issues, from absentee ballots to inconsistencies at the precincts.  I think we helped come up with some good information and feedback to our Tribal Counsel members to take back to Tahlequah.

Also we had the privilege of meeting Rita Peters, she is a Cherokee running for in the Owasso City Counsel, Ward 2.